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Product Warranty and Disclaimer

  1. The product warranty is only valid in Singapore and for the following period. a) Vueroid dashcam - 12 months  b) Memory card - 6 months (consumable item)

  2. Warranty will be rendered void by misuse, accident, modification, neglect, unauthorised repairs or re-locations, improper installation (wiring, fuse and etc), tampered serial number or failure caused by other accessory, product/ software/firmware for which Wow! Gadgets is not responsible.

  3. Wow! Gadgets is not liable for any damages (properties, business and / or indirect damages), loss or corruption of data for any reason, product damage or personal injuries that occur due to accidents or natural disasters. 

  4. The defective product within the warranty period shall be replaced (1 to 1 exchange), repair or replace with similar product with the same function or value at the time of claim. 

  5. Wow! Gadgets has the right to replace the defective product with other product with similar function or value if the model for claim is obsolete or out of stock. 

  6. Vueroid is a vehicle drive recorder, it does not, however guarantee that all scenes are recorded by the manufacturer. 

  7. Vueroid is an electronic product which also consists of consumable parts, proper operation is normally indicated with LEDs and voice guidance, it does not however guarantee that all failures or defects could be detected or informed to users. Users are advised to check the operation themselves by referring to the product manual available in the packaging or from Download page and other important information from the FAQ page. 

Repair service

1) All repair service comes with a standard 3 months warranty period. 

2) If the unit is not collected within 3 months after repair, the product will be considered unclaimed and belong to us. 

3) We only accept cash term at our counter. ​

4) We encouraged customer to call our hotline (61009691) to book a service appointment before dropping by so you could enjoy our express repair and more efficient service upon your arrival.

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