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Experience Hawk-like vision with
unrivalled clarity and precision
D21-4K camera front view-01.webp
D21 4K Icons 1_4-01-01.webp
D21 4K Icons 1_4-01-01.webp
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Perfect Combination

D21 4K rear camera ray-01.webp
Sony Starvis logo.webp
Full HD | 1920 x 1080
Image Sensor
D21 4K front camera ray-01_edited_edited
Sony Starvis 2 logo.webp
4K Ultra HD | 3840 x 2160
Image Sensor

STARVIS technology is crafted to seize the dimmest light within poorly illuminated environments, like a narrow alley lacking street lights. It transforms this minimal light into clear, noise-free electrical signals, presenting a lifelike representation of the target object by accurately depicting its shapes and colors in the resulting image.

4K Ultra HD with SONY Starvis 2

4K Resolution

Crystal Clear Video

Capture the surrounding environment on the road seamlessly with a clean and crisp 4K resolution, thanks to the powerful combination with Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor. The obtained footage can be utilized effectively.