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  • Where is Vueroid made from?
    Vueroid is manufactured by NC& Co., Ltd in South Korea. NC& has established in 1997 and has set the standard in the dashcam industry since 2002.
  • What is the warranty period?
    12 months for the dashcam and 6 months for the memory card.
  • How to register the warranty?
    Please follow the instruction for the online registration. Coming soon.
  • How do I connect power to the Vueroid dashcam?
    1) Using the optional 12v cigar cable and connect from external cigar socket to DC-IN power port of your Vueroid dashcam * With cigar cable you won’t be able to use the parking mode 2) Using a hardwiring cable and connect from accessories power from the fuse panel of your vehicle.
  • What is Low Power Mode?
    Low Power Mode enhances the dash cam’s energy saving in parking mode. Once the Low Power Mode option is activated, the dashcam will consume very low power while on standby and will only start to record upon an impact. This will help to conserve the power especially when you will be away from your car for a longer period of time. Note: Dashcam will not record upon any motion but only starts to record upon a strong impact. Currently, this feature is available on D20-F2E and the default setting is off. You can access the settings using the Vueroid app.
  • What is 3-Free Format?
    The most advanced format-free technology from Vueroid which free from format, fragmentation and crash of memory cards, it also helps to extend memory card life and improving reliability.
  • Can I use third-party microSD card?
    We recommend using original microSD card included in the packaging for guaranteed compatibility and optimal performance. You are able to use third party micro SD cards that formatted as FAT32, however we cannot guarantee the maximum performance of cards with Vueroid dashcams.
  • What is the maximum capacity of microSD card supported?
  • How to format the SD card?
    Note: Formatting will delete all the recorded videos on the card. Please make sure to back up the necessary files into your computer before formatting it. FORMATTING USING D20 SERIES DASHCAM 1) Insert the memory card to the dashcam 2) Power on the dashcam 3) Press and hold the WiFi and Voice button 4) Voice guidance will prompt "memory card formatting" FORMATTING USING D10 SERIES DASHCAM 1) Insert the memory card to the dashcam 2) Power on the dashcam 3) Enter the Memory setting via LCD setting menu. 4) Click on Format. FORMATTING USING PC VIEWER 1) Insert the memory card to PC 2) Access the settings and click Format.
  • How to upgrade the firmware?
    A) Upgrade via PC: 1) Remove the SD card from your dash cam. 2) Locate the full-sized SD card adapter provided in the original box. 3) Insert the SD card into the adapter, and then into your PC. 4) Locate the SD card under the “My PC” section of File Explorer. 5) Download right firmware for your Vueroid model and place the downloaded file on the SD card. 6) Insert the SD card into your dashcam. Do not turn off while the dashcam is installing the new firmware.
  • How to connect the dashcam WiFi?
    1) Search “Vueroid Dashcam” on the App Store (iPhone), Play Store (Android) then install it. 2) Turn on the “Wi-Fi” button on the dashcam. Then it shows a SSID (VUEROID_DXX_XX_XXXXXX) on the list of Wi-Fi network. 3) Tap on ” OK” once the pop-up screen is shown and it says “Connect to device.” 4) You’ll be greeted by a SSID in the form of VUEROID_DXX_XX_XXXXXX in a given Wi-Fi network listing. 5) Tap on that SSID and type the password (Default PW is “12345678”)
  • How to change the WiFi password?
    1) Enter the setting menu via either Wi-Fi App or dashcam’s LCD setting menu. 2) Enter “System” then click on “Change Wi-Fi Password.” Then the dashcam will begin the formatting. 3) Enter the current password then enter the new password to reset.
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